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This is raw, real and necessary. It had come time for me to sit down and write an open letter to all who have hurt me. The much needed forgiveness letter. This is the letter of forgiveness anyone who has been hurt, needs to write to free themselves, not only from the anger and the pain, but from the toxic person who still lives in their head, rent free.

This is an open letter to all who have hurt me. After you read this one, you might like this open letter to myself. SO powerful as well! Trust me on that! Yup, this is for all of you, any of you and none of you. If you recognize yourself in here, well, ya.

I talk an awful lot about forgiving others. So many people still cringe when I tell them to just forgive the person who hurt you and let it go. I so get it. Trust me. Forgiveness sets us free. You have to understand that. You have to want this freedom more than the pain you are holding onto. If after you have tried forgiving the people who hurt you and you are still desperately struggling with hurt, pain and anger and you feel your mental health is slipping, please reach out to a professional.

Too often we beat ourselves up over things that happened in the past. Stop right there. We do the best we can with what we know and how we feel. We do the best we can depending on the situation we are in. You are not to blame for anything that happened.

You need to stop beating yourself up, take a moment to forgive yourself and let it go. When we forgive the people who hurt us, we are releasing them from our minds and our hearts and moving on without the built up and stored anger, hatred, hurt, excruciating pain and grudge.

There is no point in rehashing all the crap that happened or what you did. How I felt then is very different from how I feel now. I come from a place of peace, love and forgiveness now.

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Every now and then I do still think about what you did but I simply let it go. You know what you did was horrible. I know it was too. Maybe you even felt like that the next night too.I truly believe that a lot of those feelings have been generated by something that is beyond your control adhd. But I don't know how not to take it personally, nor do I know that I'd ever be able to learn how to. Maybe I'm just not a big enough person.

I do know that I want to feel like a person again. Not a nothing. Not like your mother. Not like an object of ridicule. I want to feel like I will have some sort of a future. Something more than just continued struggling. I want to not have to worry about our utilities being shut off every month and about the IRS seizing what little we do have.

I want to be able to avail ourselves of services for which we easily qualify, without the stress level being suicidally high every time. I want our kids to grow up with more stability and security than they have now. More than anything, I want this.

I don't know if you leaving is going to lend itself to any of that, but I am pretty sure that "being pleasant" is never, ever going to provide or contribute to any of those things.

I guess I don't believe that you "hate" me. I guess I think what you "feel" toward me is just plain old apathy. Which might be even worse. I know that all of my anger and hurt and resentment have contributed to that, but by your own admission, I am not in your thoughts when you call me names and mimic me.

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I am not in your thoughts when you consistently decline to meet any number of the needs I've very clearly expressed to you. I am not in your thoughts when you post hurtful things on Facebook and then by way of "apology", block me from seeing your account at all. I am nowhere. I have a very hard time believing I ever have been. Maybe all of the negative feelings and emotions I've been carrying around and contending with really have made me into the terrible person you'd have me believe I am.

But even if that's true, I think - think - that I should have at least a little bit more than this. To you. And you deserve more than this too.

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This letter is so right on target.Others have been through worse and by the grace of God I will survive!! I will triumph, I will thrive!! If I can help someone else in the process that will be great. I am full of so many warring emotions that I prefer not to think sometimes.

The only way I can do that is to zone out watching tv which is neither productive nor healthy. I keep trying to figure out what to do, what not to dowhat to say, what not to say, second guessing this whole move and what the next step should be. Tired of trying to demand, command, elicit, direct, the affection and attention and actions that I would desire. So even though you still get up and get your cereal without leaving out a bowl, he milk or even some cereal for me, you now religiously make me a cup of tea every morning.

I thank you Lord for your loveyour mercy, your grace and most of all your patience as you work on me, reminding me that the battle is not mine but yours everytime I try to do things in my own strength and way. I surrender myself, my husband, my marriage, my family to you and pray you would have your way in us. Glorify your name Oh Lord. Here I am again!

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Unable to speak with you so pouring my heart out here on paper instead. But once again it seemed I mistook passion for love but you kept saying you love me!

Oh it cuts my heart even now to think of you saying those words. So I put aside my fantasy and accepted that this was a huge and momentous step and a miracle in fact that you who had declared rhat you would never live with me even if economics demanded it was now turning around and saying, choosing to do so.

Letter to my husband: I have reached the end.

I thought my every wish was going to be your command. And the worse part is nothing I say seems to bring any understanding. I thought we, you were further along than this. Why do we kiss goodbye on the train but not leaving the house, nor coming home nor going to bed not to mention any other time. You said and have been saying I love you for the past few months! A stark and total contrast from two, three years before when you said the opposite.

It was almot unbelievable and I had so many doubts and fears even as I made it clear to you where i was and what I was expecting. I told you in those August days following your proclamation that I was going to accept nothing less than being first! I wanted and still want to be cherished, something I was afraid to name in those early days in our marriage counselling and something which was sorely lacking from day one of our marriage.

For the miracle of you actually being here, not just for a week or two but permanently or so I thought; committed to being my lover, my friend, my protector, my husband. The anticipation I had as the days drew nearer to the day you actually came in, mingled with fear that I was setting myself up for more hurt, that you were just using me to get out of a place you proclaimed you hated, and get away from people who you hated working with.

But I decided to exercise my faith. I had claimed and counted on God breaking that soul tie that was created and was okay with our interactions while I thought that was so. Is this a battle to be fought or a battle already won? As you come with great anticipation having wrangled time to come and managed flights so you could celebrate my birthday with me, the first in three years and a great contrast from then, should I be throwing cold water on our time together? Lord I trust you, and I will trust you with this marriage, this man and this moment.

I thank you that you love me and I can be confident in that love and trust you with my heart. Help me to listen, to hear and to obey your directions.

Dear Husband; You hurt me, and this is what I am going to do.

I love you Lord! But look at us now…. The language does not bring joy to my heart to be honest but I have to give thanks for the change in youyour position and your feelings towards me.

I give God thanks for you being there the month before for the surgery and insisting on staying for the surgery despite my telling you to go after the argument we had two days after having a good anniversary weekend together.

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I just felt so cut up and hurt because it was like I kept giving myself, offering an open door and basically just ending up being used.To my sweet, gentle husband:. I want you to know how much I love you.

The year-old girl that you fell in love with was a lot more lovable. She was relaxed, silly, and bubbly. She was spontaneous, exuberant, and full of life. I worry about things, I obsess over small details, and I am more rigid and closed off.

You love me and stand by me despite the significant changes I have gone through these past six years, and I will always respect you for that. You supported me through three residential treatment stays, five hospitalizations, and two suicide attempts. You drove me to the E.

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You packed my bags and brought me comfort items when I was hospitalized in the psych ward all those times. You forgave me when I experienced countless relapses and slips, even when I promised I would get back on track. You stuck with me through terrifying medication changes; You held my hand and comforted me when my body felt like it was not my own.

An Open Letter to my Husband

You watched me kill myself slowly and dealt with the repercussions of my anger when you brought it up. You swallowed your pride and asked for help when you needed it, and it saved my life more than once. But you did. We did. I know that sometimes, the language between us is confusing and complicated. You feel me constantly pull away from you, both emotionally and physically. You wonder what you did to cause this intense irritability I feel towards you or what you did to annoy me.

I am so sorry that I snap on you so often. You probably feel helpless at times.

letter of hurt feelings to husband

You see the panic attacks, the random glassy stares, the emotional unavailability, and the sleepless nights. I know you want to hold me and tell me that everything will be okay, because I feel it. I realize that predicting my behavior is probably puzzling. You are aware of my pain, my intimacy issues, and my trauma. You are the kindest, most genuine man I know. I push and push and push, but you never leave. I love you for that and I hate you for that all at the same time.

You still chose to make me your wife through all of this suffering. You loved our weird dog when I randomly brought her home one day after I got out of the hospital. You still want to have a family with me, because you believe in me. In us. I know that loving me takes work sometimes, but you never complain. You never hold grudges or keep score of all of the shitty things I have done to you or to myself. I want so desperately to be better for you. I want to remind you of the reason we read this aloud last June:.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.I will never forget the beauty I saw when I first set eyes on you.

I never tired of telling you how handsome you were often to your intense irritation. You were ambitious; it was infectious. Life was exciting.

letter of hurt feelings to husband

We enjoyed nights out, exotic holidays, I felt loved and wanted. We married and had two children. Then everything changed. You no longer have any zest for life, no interest in anything other than your gadgets. Conversation is one-way, no questions are asked and responses to anything I might pose are one syllable paired with a grunt and a roll of the eyes. Meals have only ever been cooked by me and you have never attempted to prepare anything, I have asked that you try but to no avail.

At night, we lie side by side, never touching, never speaking. You are irritated by any plans I make to ensure our free time as a family is spent as best we can together. All you want to do is sleep. We both work full-time and we both earn the same but you treat me as your intellectual inferior.

When your work day has finished, however, mine continues the moment I walk through the door of our house. The pressure is often more than I can bear. The pain is most palpable when we are among people who are clearly very much in love. The slightest touch that speaks volumes, a kiss on the neck which induces the saddest feeling within me simply in the knowledge that you will never do that to me.

I need moments like those; they should be my fuel rather than the anger that now replaces the love that once was. My friends acknowledge that I am in a hopeless situation and I freely accept that I have allowed it to get this bad. I want to weep and my heart breaks a little bit more.

Your approach to life is the antithesis of mine.Every relationship has its ups and downs. You feel disrespected, sad, let down, and even angry. What happened? Did he embarrass you? Did he say something disrespectful or demeaning to you? This is not who I married! One that could stay forever and eventually the reason why is even forgotten.

Creating space between you and your husband that can ultimately not be retracted. Turning your relationship, even with love, into something sour and filled with resentment. I want to do what is reasonable, what allows me to be heard, and what can be delivered with dignity and compassion.

To achieve this, I write my husband a little letter. It goes something like this…. I would choose a moment of privacy and hand the letter to him. Allow both of you to witness that you are strong in your request and mean what you are saying. By giving him an opportunity to read it to himself, he is able to better understand what you are feeling. Rather than having to make that decision based on the emotional presentation of an argument or even conversation.

We have a rule about this practice.

letter of hurt feelings to husband

The floor is open for discussion if clarity is required, but usually this is not the case. Apologies, forgiveness, letting go, and of course hugs are met with both of us understanding that we are not to dwell and turn it into drama, but agree that it is now understood and that we can move forward to better and happier moments.

Moments that we both deserve. And want for each other. Being heard, boundaries, and once letting go of something, replacing it with something more conducive with what you want in your life.

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letter of hurt feelings to husband

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