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But please note that ONT must be in a working condition. Refund procedure is simple. Just submit a cancelled cheque that has IFSC code and Bank account number written on it and they will transfer the amount directly to your bank account, hopefull within a month.

This ONT has As you can see on the table above that the selling price of the ONT device is really high. This way you will save some money. Hinow you can buy ftth modem online at low price. Homepage Recent. He is more of a solution provider rather than a typical content writer. You can contact him at admin bpedia.

View Comments 3 manchirial district of telangana state here is very highly cost of moderm of fiber net and not providing of rent facility of moderm plzzz take a action. How the speed to end user is regulated for different plans of FTTH? Leave a Comment. Check our Basement too. Best WiFi Range Extender in India for home Are you annoyed with poor wifi reachability throughout your home or office?

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You are not…. How Does Air Purifier work? In this post, you will find how air purifier works. The working principle of air…. Do car air purifiers work?

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When you decide to invest in a good car air purifier for the first time,…. Type your search query and hit enter:.Andhra Pradesh AP. Andaman Nicobar. Himachal Pradesh. Jammu Kashmir. Madhya Pradesh. North East 1. North East 2. Uttar Pradesh East. Uttar Pradesh West. West Bengal. BSNL fiber to home provides fault free internet services and makes your home or business as high speed WiFi zone with fiber optic internet connection upto Mbps speed for download or upload, and there is no fiber broadband availability checker in online, So just apply online, then BSNL executives will contact you to provide FTTH through TIPs or directly.

No, at present it is applicable as a promotional offer those who subscribes before There is no kind of installation charges for any FTTH plan mentioned in above table. Raise a complaint in online or through selfcare portal or by dialing from BSNL mobile or landline, you can register the complaint against speed issue or faulty FTTH line.

My phone numberNow i am in overseas so please send reply my mail id. Thank you. I am from Chandigarh and wants to know about the inclusive GST plan on bharat fiber upto 31st March, Whose fault is this?

Now for monthly charges, it will be Rs. If u have any queries, can contact me by email aaravkhajuria8 gmail. BSNL fibre cable is readily available at my location but when I contact my area SDO, he said he has no supply of connection cable, And after 20 days off my application a person came from BSNL and just connect the wires and left it open, then after 1 week on 27th another person came and said we will connect only a box.

They have hanged a simple box but still there is no modem or no connection, When I asked them when I will be connected and can use internet, they said there is is some issue throughout the city where no new connection is to be given, and this can take more three days or even more can be a week, and there is no confirmation about date. I have registered for bsnl ftth connection online and waiting for the sales personnel to contact me, Unfortunately no one has called me, Such a lethargic attitude of bsnl employees only have pushed bsnl to the present situation of the company.

When the private players are rushing to the customer bsnl employee seems to be waiting for their compulsory retirement. Service of Jio Fibernet is bad enough, Even after booking complaints several times, and also connecting their local authorities, nobody attends, They claim to be giving TV channels, but in Allahabad, hardly any TV channel seems to be available, Only selected programs like BIg Boss are being given at the whims and fancies of Jio.

Navigation through their menu is neither easy nor user friendly, On the other hand, BSNL seems to be simply sleeping and allowing Jio to capture all their customers, Despite repeated applications, no effort to provide Fibernet is being made.

We are from Chennai, When we contact BSNL exchange for fiber connection they said they will send technicians to our premises and check the feasibility, Technician said connection is not possible because the distance is too long, This sound totally untrue, because we are in the middle for the main marketplace in Chennai, People in the exchange are not responding, Online booking shows connection failure message repeatedly even after creating an account and tried booking, Please advise what should be the take next step for getting the connection.

BSNL service is so poor, i am requesting to install fiber from past 1 months, but none of them respond. I had opted for connection since FebHowever, i see a change in the monthly rentals to since SeptI have neither opted for connection nor I got any updates from BSNL on such changes, How could you change the rentals without request from the customer, This was not highlighted or notified to me by BSNL as well, Can you please revert back to rentals?

Dear Sir, This was never mentioned or communicated to customers explicitly, This is what I had highlighted in my query, Can you respond to that? How can BSNL change the plan on own unless its mutually agreed? Hello I am Looking for Bharat Fibre at my home, Can someone please provide help me with a concerned person who can help and guide me through BSNL charges, As in our area every technician has a different charges rate card, Some say Security deposit of will be charged by BSNL and Rs Installation charges, Wire charges separate One month plan charges separate, Ont security charges separate, Wifi modem charges separate, where Total it will cost around to Rs initially in City of Jaipur.

Its correct ont ratebut where is providing fiber rate labour charge, patch cord, joint box, joint machine rate, all include or are minimum rate.

bsnl ftth modem price

I applied bharath fiber ftth connection many times. Hi I am Prakash Galinde from yerwada Pune, I need ftth connection for my office, Ftth conyracchas been given to private vendora for installation etc, I collected forms from my next by offices total forms and given in month of January this year, I have continuously following up, even talked with DGM but till date no reply, Even the feasibility report is ok.

I have obtained ftth broadband connection about more than a month ago through alphion model modem, ever since the date of its installation, it is not working and my investment to the tune of Rs on it became waste and in spite of my repeated complaint to the authorities, none of the authorities are bothered to rectify and resolve the problem, The behaviour of the authorities is highly condemned, I am of the presumption that the department is not interested in resolving the issue and might have involved with private persons to back up them and defame the bbnl or bsnl, kindly take necessary action.

This is a pathetic situation of a loyal customer regarding new Bharat Fiber services of BSNL, this will proves about which duty will the executives and senior officers are carrying out, and basically BSNL employees are not bothering about service, if BSNL Management clears this problem, they will find the solution.

Your email address will not be published.I think these are main qualities that make a wifi router stand out from the rest and makes it the best. Modem and routers are two different devices.

A modem is like a translator. In this analogy, the translator would be a modem, which converts the analog signal coming from a telephone line to a digital signal so that your computer understands it.

A router is a device that allows multiple devices laptop, PCs, and mobile phones to connect to the same network through wired and wireless connectivity.

Without a modem, you will not get an internet connection and a router alone can not give you internet connectivity. However, if you buy a modem-router that are available in the market then, this single modem-router will serve your purpose of both a modem and a router. Nowadays, dual-band supported routers are gaining more popularity among internet users due to its some serious advantages. A dual-band router supports both 2.

Hence 2. But two 5 GHz routers running in the same channel can not interfere with each other because channels here are not overlapped.

If you look at some other devices at your house like a microwave oven, cordless phone all run in the same frequency range as a 2.

Best WiFi Router For BSNL FTTH

If a router has specification You may read this post about 2. Signal stability and wifi coverage mostly depends on the technology used to build the external antenna. Nowadays, almost all of the routers come with an omnidirectional antenna. An omnidirectional antenna transmits signal in all direction allowing maximum coverage. Also, the gain of the antenna should be high enough so that the signal remains stable all the time.

Although the speed of your internet connection depends mainly on how much bandwidth your ISP provides based on your chosen plan.

But the speed also depends on how well a router utilizes the given bandwidth. Connect the first router, fire up the windows command prompt and type ping www. Now connect the second router and do the same operation and note down the average time.

If you compare both, you will quickly notice the difference. The router which utilizes the maximum bandwidth will show a less average response time. For example, your friend might download a malicious piece of software or application to his device using your wifi.

If this is the case, then the malware might get into your device too. Also, he could have an infected device which already has viruses in it. In that case, it is wiser to connect them in a Guest Network instead of directly giving the password of your network.

This will secure your wifi network which is already connected to your laptop, mobiles and other devices. With parental controlyou can control on the type of content you want your kids to watch online, you can schedule the network to turn on and off at a certain time in a day or you can pause the internet.

Say you as a parent always remain anxious about the content that your kids watch or browse online. If that is the case then you can easily block all the websites that you do not want your kids to visit. Also, you can turn off the network during their study time and turn it on again on a specified time. QoS is an excellent feature that most routers have. With QoS, you can prioritize traffic on your network.

BSNL Bharat Fiber ONT (Optical Network Termination) Price

Say, for example, you watch a lot of videos on youtube and you do not want to sacrifice the quality of the video you watch. However, other members using your wifi network might be watching Netflix, eating up the bandwidths. In that case, what you can do is prioritize traffic from youtube so that no matter what others are watching, you always get the maximum bandwidth with great quality Youtube video and you can do this with QoS. Sometime, we might get overwhelmed with all the features we see in a router.

In that case, what you need is simple User Interface to set up your router quickly.In a fibre optic cable the signal is transmitted in form of light whereas in a copper wire the signal is transmitted in form of current. The transmission in fiber optic cable is purely digital as opposed to analog in traditional metal wire transmission. This is because of the difference in the technology and the physical medium or carrier involved. He holds M. Tech degree in IT and B.

No details provided for either amount. How do I find out please? Also any other brands providing ONT modems that come with wifi included. Because Im gonna buy one.

What type is Tenda and do you know what the difference is between type A and type B? I am not sure but you may ask bsnl for it. Type A and Type B has to do with different model numbers. I am hosting my own website at home and I got an ftth connection for that. Now the BSNL provided modem for ftth doesnt work. Any request is not forwarded to internal ip address, rather forwarded to its own webserver The config page is displayed. Any suggestions why its not working. The battery-cum-converter unit that powers the modem has been constantly problematic.

Any idea where I can get a new one? I want to know whether modem, ups and wifi router should always be switched on 24 hrs X days. Service provider insisted that it should be always on. Please guide me. Then there will be very high installation charges? Even nearest BSNL office is 4 kms from my house. The wire will be running all that 4 kms?

BSNL Bharat Fiber FTTH: Pricing, availability, plans and everything you need to know

Fibre is a physical line and if you have nobody in the area using it then they will not provide the connection. Yes installation charges a bit higher but not that high.Jump to navigation.

A lot has changed and a lot more is expected to change in country's broadband market in the coming few months.

An administrator has blocked you from running this app device manager

The news of Jio's GigaFiber service commercial roll out happening in March this year has pushed the rival companies to come up with better plans and offers. Bharat Fiber will offer high speed data and WiFi connectivity to the subscribers. Speaking at the launch of the new Broadband servic, Vivek Banzal, Director of CFA, BSNL board said, " We realise that now customers are demanding super fast internet and have started owning more electronic gadgets and entertainment tools than ever before.

So our Fiber to the Home technology has been upgraded and we are happy to announce the launch of Bharat Fiber which will be an affordable yet able to meet the huge data demand of our customers. The service is said to offer 35GB data per day at price as low as Rs 1. The company says that its fiber connectivity provides fix access platform to deliver the high speed broadband from Kbps to Mbps.

Fiber to the home or FTTH is the technology of bringing high-speed internet services using fiber optic straight away from the operator's switching equipment to a home. BSNL Bharat Fiber will deliver high speed internet service at home using optic fiber replacing the existing cable infrastructure.

The company will extend fibre from its nearest Central Office CO location directly or through franchisee and install HONT and battery backup at the customer's identified locations. The services such as voice, broadband, IPTV etc will be enabled as per the customer's selected plan.

BSNL FTTH installation - BSNL FTTH Speed Test - BSNL FTTH Review - BSNL FTTH - Tech Raghavendra

Go to the BSNL portal and click on the Fiber broadband option given on the left side of the page as sixth option. Tap on Broadband tariff and you will see the "Register online" option at the top right next to the download form option. Tap on it and follow the instructions. We tried to register but the link to "Register online" page was broken at the time of writing this article. There are no words on when will the service reach out to the user after the registration.

For now the Bharat Fiber is available in select cities only. The list shows that the service is available in 11 cities of Andhra Pradesh, one city of Bihar, three cities of Chhattisgarh, eight cities of Gujarat, four cities of Haryana, two cities of Jharkhand, ten cities of Karnataka, six cities of Kerala, six cities of Madhya Pradesh, 11 cities of Maharashtra, one city in Odisha, Pondicherry, five cities of Punjab, Kolkata, two cities of Uttarakhand, nine cities of UP, five cities of Tamil Nadu and ten cities of Rajasthan.

The company is also giving a power back unit having full load backup of four hours and normal backup of three days along with the HONT. No, the there is no cost for activation or installation charge. This is if you take only the ONT. The plans start from Rs to Rs per month. The company has started taking bookings for the service via its online portal. BSNL says that its fiber connectivity provides fix access platform to deliver the high speed broadband from Kbps to Mbps.

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You can edit your question or post anyway. Please enter a question. G is an ideal FTTH device with simple and easy design. With upstream rate up to 1. Skip to main content. Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.

Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon. Image Unavailable Image not available for Colour:. Non Returnable.

bsnl ftth modem price

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One person found this helpful. See all reviews from India. Pages with related products.These modems ADSL and VDSL Very-high-speed digital subscriber line modems can use for all types of usages, whether it is for home or office purposes for desktop, laptop, tablet or even smartphones and much more.

BSNL VDSL modems are used up to a distance of 1 kilometer from connected telephone exchange and will get internet access at a positively assured rate. We suggest opting with WiFi as you can connect your mobile phones, tablets, and laptops on WiFi.

In modem without WiFi one model is available but there are two models in models with WiFi option. These modems are under AMC benefit for five years including one-year warranty period. Thus BSNL is leaving no stone unturned in the broadband space by launching various schemes reducing the initial fixed cost and making them part of the BSNL family.

Need broadband connection in Mysore Dattagalli extention, no response from customer care trying to contact. Can I use my adsl2 modem cum router and remove bsnl modem? Local router supplier does it have a router with voice? Poor help from bsnl.

bsnl ftth modem price

What is the price of Ont modem in Bsnl Ftth connection for Haryana. All India Bharat Fiber broadband tariffs starts from Rs. Your email address will not be published. Please contact the developer of this form processor to improve this message. Even though the server responded OK, it is possible the submission was not processed.

March 23, Comments what is my dns preferred, I am from rohtak haryana. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.