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A freshly turned Bonnie who is still struggling with her vampirism, finds Elena sired to her after she died with her blood in her system. Enter nanny, Caroline Forbes. Bonnie Bennet, is a young witch who lives with her parents. Her family owes a debt and she is sent away to slavery. Her new "owners", the Mikaelsons are vampires. Because of Bonnie's witch nature, she believes that they will be vicious, untamed monsters that will make her existence miserable.

In this story, Bonnie learns the real definition of a monster and the secrets that lie within, or rather without the castle walls. Caroline Forbes takes a post-graduation camping trip in the mountains with her friends only to return to nothing and no one. Can she find out what's happened, especially with arrogant Klaus Mikaelson along for the journey?

As she put her arms around him, Klaus's mind could only focus on the word "family". That's what they were. They weren't a group or a band or any of those vague, superficial terms. They were a family. After centuries, Klaus finally knew the word that described them. Season 3 AU. Bonnie Bennett gets drawn into a plot to kill the Original vampires by Esther. Things go horribly wrong and she gets sent back in time to when they were human with Kol.

Because in the end, when that crown was placed on your head, you are a liar if you claim that it was necessary. When Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes cross paths at an airport during a snow storm on Christmas Eve their initial dislike for each other turns into a mutually beneficial arrangement. When Caroline Forbes and Klaus Mikaelson find themselves stuck in an elevator on Valentine's Day they don't realize just how much their initial attraction could lead to a serious conflict of interest.

Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes had a forbidden relationship unbeknownst to their strict parents who have been bitter rivals for years. Klaus left town after it painfully unraveled but fast forward five years and he's back in Mystic Falls where memories and secrets will emerge and lives will be changed forever.

Professional tennis players Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes are forced into playing mixed doubles by their respective teams. Problem is they can't stand each other. Can they make this doubles pairing a success before it's too late?

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Professional matchmaker Caroline Forbes doesn't have time for love but when she accidentally blows up the work microwave, arrogant fireman and commitment phobic Klaus Mikaelson comes to the rescue stirring up some very frustrating and unfamiliar feelings. Caroline Forbes is an optimistic woman.

She is 25 years old and has the job she's always wanted as an elementary school teacher.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Kol,Kol And More Kol. All stories focused on the psychotic,manic Kol Mikaelson. It doesn't have to be a love story just anything focusing on Kol. Remember to suscribe Juliet has her secrets and little does she know, this town has secrets too. After meeting a certain original vampire, problems from her past arise and threaten to tear them apart, but love endures all things, right?

Now, she has brought it upon herself to save Kol and keep Silas from rising, but she will need all the help she can get considering she is only human. That doesn't seem hard except for the fact that Kol has grown quite attached to her and is extremely possessive of her.

Will she survive? Absent by helios reviews Stefan only knew her as the girl he'd chosen not to save that day; Damon,from the stories. But, for Elena,it wasn't that simple. She'd spent her whole life in her sister's shadow,known only as Kira Gilbert's older sister. Elena liked the life she had now,the life that was only hers because of Kira's absence. But when Jeremy dies, he sees his sister, and suddenly,everything changes.

His Redemption by everlovingdeer reviews Kol Mikaelson, the name was legendary. He was the original that was known for his aggression, for his anger.

kol and bonnie fanfiction

But what would it take for him to change, for him to live? A single girl that would soon become the only thing he ever wanted and needed; his redemption. His siblings are not happy with the behavior of the newest member of the Mikaelson family.

There is something off about this animal. It is up to Kol and Bonnie Bennett to discover this bird's secret. Welcome to 'Amp Burger by LitLover reviews What would happen if Kol decides to buy a fast food restaurant for the summer and Elijah decides to use this opportunity to teach his brother a lesson? What will happen to a human Elena and Caroline and Bonnie before she knew she was a witch when they become the Mikaelson's employees for the summer? Welcome 'Amp Burger where the meat is not the only thing dripping blood.

All I Need by Asha17 reviews Kol likes killing. It's that simple.

bonnie and kol fanfiction

But when he finds himself in an increasingly bizarre predicament, can a certain someone persuade him that it is wrong? Chasing Shadows by xx-Forever Yours-xx reviews Your past follows you, like a shadow in the light; it haunts you wherever you go. You can't erase it and no matter how fast you go, you can't outrun it. Kol Mikaelson was a thousand years old, he had plenty of things to run from but maybe this time, he'll be the one chasing.

Safest Haven by C.Originally posted by sodarknessibecome.

You sat at the bar at the Mystic Grill, for the hundredth time this week. You had another rather, aggressive, fight with your brothers Damon and Stefan, which involved a lot of insults getting thrown around. It was over something stupid of course, as all your arguments were, but this one seemed to tug at your heartstrings. This fight was over Elena Gilbert. You had confronted them both about how she was stringing them along. Stefan interrupted you. You looked at him with raised eyebrows.

Well what are you going to do about it? Sit around, moping all day long about who this girl is going to choose?

Damon, who had surprisingly been quiet up until now, finally decided to open his smart-ass mouth. No, not hook-ups.

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Answer me that. You looked at them both in disbelief. You compel people to love you, Damon. Uncle Zach currently has more love in his life than you, and guess what? Downing your 4th shot, you took a deep breath, preparing to leave. You looked up, and came face to face with a man you had never seen before in your life, but nonetheless seemed eerily familiar to you. He had dirty blonde hair, dark ocean blue eyes and lips that you were subconsciously drawn to. He noticed you, too. Yeah sure, have a seat.

Did your hair look okay?Story Story Writer Forum Community. I have decided to make it a little easier for anyone wanting to read a fic between Bonnie and a member of the Original family by putting them all in one place! Babysitting with an Original by witchdeveraux reviews Bonnie's job is interrupted by the Original pain in the ass.

One shot. The last thing she needs is a dead Original haunting her. Almost Hell by witchdeveraux reviews His head space can be quite the damaged place, and he doesn't hold back showing Bonnie the horrors; however, she likes that Kol trusts her enough to share.

Talking to Him by dontstopfangirling reviews At first it was just a dream. Now, Bonnie couldn't believe it: she was being haunted by the ghost of a handsome original vampire.

Kennett-only series of drabbles. Post 4x Eternity by Midnightrain6 reviews "So this is it, huh? Stuck here for all eternity? Unfinished Business by starstruckstudios reviews Kennett Romance. Together, Kol and Bonnie replace the veil to the Other Side. Now both back alive and thinking they would go their separate ways, Bonnie is surprised when Kol arrives and asks her to go on a road trip with him in order for her to accomplish her unfinished business.

And just maybe Kol will finish his as well. The road to our Sanity by Ninilovesstuff reviews Caroline and Matt pay a little visit to the Mikaelsons' home in New Orleans planning on getting Bonnie back but end up discovering something about the deceased Kol Mikaelson's past.

How will they react to the unexpected story and what will they do to help finish it? Bonnie Bennett is dead. Trapped behind the veil, she finds herself aimlessly walking the Other Side. Bonnie stumbles upon bewitched night club Afterlife where departed souls often congregate.

To Bonnie's displeasure, one of Afterlife's nightly patrons is none other than sadistic and sharp-tongued Kol Mikaelson. Kennett with a hint of Beremy. Will contain mature content. Against All Odds by xXxWolvesInTheNightxXx reviews If you had told Bonnie a year ago that she would be in a relationship with the youngest male original, she would have given you the biggest aneurysm she could have conjured up.

Secret Harmony by nofertiti reviews How Kol and Bonnie would have met. Set in Geek mythological background. However, she sees an unexpected Vampire there. Kol and Bonnie friendship, one shot. Not Letting Go by Rosel reviews Bonnie just wants to take what she can get and haunt Jeremy in peace, but Kol has other plans. And so does Damon.

One party. All Kol needs is one dance. Little Wing by Midnightrain6 reviews "Grams always said that music sounded better on these than anything else. After an injury ends his career he comes home to be reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Bonnie Bennett, who is coping with her own loss.

Will they be able to recover?While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

Remember Me. The prince Niklaus was beaten and rejected by his father, after the discovery of a family secret, his mother sent him to an another dimension to protect from hi the wrath of Mikael.

He was lost until he met Bonnie Bennett, she thought that she had adopted a normal wolf but he was a Hybrid prince. What will happen between Both of Them?

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Three days before the full moon, werewolves goes into heat. Tyler was always alone but now that Klaus has broken his curse, the Original Hybrid experiences his very first heat.

bonnie and kol fanfiction

Sort of AU, after Season 2 finale. Two years of substantial peace until her past comes back inevitably and rocks her to the core. Will she turn and run again or will she stand and finally put it all to rest?

bonnie and kol fanfiction

Beware the Ides of March. For some, it may be forgiving but for others, it may be their doom. Klonnie one-shot with mentions of Damon and Kai. Bonnie peaks out and Lorenzo waves at her.

She wonders if he notices how she watches Klaus intently beside him, how he grips the sword handle as if he is ready to use it, eyes flickering from her to her husband. Bonnie went into the other side by herself. But she came out sightly darker and more troubled then ever before.

Only a foe can reverse what has been done to her. Klaus Mikaelson thought he saw the last of her until she showed up in his town.

A partnership that becomes love or madness? Loosely following canon. Posting ideas for stories which I may write one day, once my other works in progress are completed. I'll post frequently but please comment your Christmas one shot requests from any of the tagged pairings above.

There are no limits. You can request one or ten. I'll write anything, as long as Bonnie's apart of the pairing and it's Christmas themed.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Fan de Kennett? Bonne lecture : Hey everyone! Kennett's fan? You are at the right place! You will find than Kennett fanfictions here with a little Klaroline by the way. So, have a good day :. That is until Kol Mikaelson shows up and refuses to leave until she does him a favor: give a message to his family in New Orleans.

Of course, that is just the beginning. No set pairing at the moment.

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What if Bonnie and Kol met under different circumstances? This explores the possibility of them becoming secret allies even when they were on opposite sides of the battle. Change is Everything by Sonluxperson reviews Bonnie has a change of heart and takes it upon herself to prevent Kol Mikaelson's death. Set in 4x Dead Love by Midnightletter13 reviews Things seem to have finally calmed down in the life of Bonnie Bennett, but when Damon Salvatore begins pursuing her and she meets the mysterious Kol Mikaelson things quickly turn from peaceful to chaotic.

What's a poor witch girl to do? Love triangle between Bonnie, Damon, and Kol. It's a fact of life. There is absolutely no sexual tension between them whatsoever.

bonnie and kol fanfiction

Drunk in love by lilredwolf82 reviews Elijah shows up on Elena's doorstep but he's not himself. While bonnie has a dilemma with another original.

He's there, standing off to the side, unnoticed by all but her. And why shouldn't he be? Because he's dead. He's dead and she is the only one that can see him. She stops and their eyes meet. And suddenly, they are the only two people in the world. Unfinished Business by starstruckstudios reviews Kennett Romance.

Together, Kol and Bonnie replace the veil to the Other Side.

Now both back alive and thinking they would go their separate ways, Bonnie is surprised when Kol arrives and asks her to go on a road trip with him in order for her to accomplish her unfinished business.This is set somewhere in-between Seasons 3 and 4, but with slight changes. Therefore no emotionless-bitch-Elena and no sire bond stuff. Alaric is alive and normal and human and stuff - I love him, and just had to include him. Plus, I'm a big bromance Dalaric fan :. And Esther is nice in this story.

Klaus was not desiccated - For obvious reasons: how can he swap bodies if he's already taking over someone else's body? And there is no way I'm adding Tyler into the mix. This is meant to be humorousso hopefully you'll find parts of this funny! Oh, and Kennett are a major part of this! This isn't funny!

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He was winding Caroline up like a spring and he knew it, but she was just so adorable when she was cross at him. Caroline stopped shouting momentarily so that she could glare daggers at Kol, or more appropriately, white oak stakes. I know twenty-five different way to make you a eunuch, so don't even think about saying another word. Bonnie elbowed Kol in the ribs. I'm sick and tired of those two arguing," Bonnie said, after checking that both the vampire and the hybrid had left.

Plus, I don't fully trust that they won't end up ripping each other's hearts out. It's a body-swapping spell. Kol's face lit up with those last five words.

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If this doesn't work, I'm not sure much else will. They can't hurt each other, because then they would be hurting themselves, and if they did anything drastic, they would feel the effects of it, which will hopefully stop them from trying to hurt themselves.